An Intimate Launch

The spiritual home of poetry in South Africa is, without doubt, Temenos in the village of McGregor, where the annual … Read More

The bequest of poetry

Testamento, a poem by Alda Lara, is about Deep-Giving. By Deep-Giving, I mean the giving, not of accumulated material possessions … Read More

Poem as Mirror

At the Poetry in McGregor 2017 Festival, Lara Kirsten presented a Performance and Installation – “The Poem as Mirror” – … Read More

Life as Pilgrimage

  Image: Love leading the Pilgrim by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones “Life as a Journey” is an often-used metaphor. Life’s … Read More

The Unshod Child

I grew up in colonial Rhodesia. While still very young, I noticed that African children generally walked barefoot, while I … Read More