The Naming of He-Who-Has-No-Name


If we are looking for directives toward compassion and care in this turbulent world, beset as it is by war and catastrophe, then reading a fable might be a way to begin.

Within a fable, which typically employs both people and animals in its cast of players, the foibles and grand errors of inter-personal and inter-species relationships can be exposed, addressed, and made good.

I wrote The Naming of He-Who-Has-No-Name as one such fanciful fable. In it, He-Who-Has-No-Name, the young heir apparent of the Greyfur kingdom of Aloes-Redding, must find his true name and ascend the throne.

The Greyfur mice, who live in an idyllic place on the far edge of the polluted and desecrated human territory of Blasterland, have no illusions about the malevolent ways of their neighbouring humans, who have shown themselves to have no heart. This perception is tested when the prince makes a startling discovery in the gaze of a young girl.

This coming-of-age tale depicts our general abuse of the environment and disregard for other creatures, while at the same time revealing innocence in its search for the good qualities of the human heart. It engages a touch of magic and the theatrical, with an underpinning of hope, while not shying away from the harm affected by humans on the natural world. It will enchant readers, young and old.

A Special Fund Raiser

The Naming of He-Who-Has-No-Name is a special fund raiser for The Cactus Foundation Africa. Proceeds from sales are channelled to their projects of care, all of which address the welfare of children, animals and the Earth.



English Paperback

Published by The Cactus Foundation and Seed Readers | African Sun Press
ISBN: 978-1-77630-657-2
Cover illustration by Patrick Latimer
100 pages

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Opening Lines:

It’s his arrogance, I tell you! That, and his inflated sense of self that have brought our kingdom to this crisis!’ declared Bold-Mouse. ‘Well, his lack of humility has landed him in well-deserved trouble now. Any fool would agree!”

“Yes! Yes!’ answered Bent-Whisker. ‘You’ve said it already. But whatever his character flaws, we must strategise to get him back home.


For Pheobe, She-of-Great-Courage; and Ruba, She-of-Golden-Fur