This new edition of Sing, Africa! Poems and songs for children combines the original edition with We Call the Whales.

In 1984, in opposition to apartheid, I opened a non-racial pre-school in Grahamstown called Rivendell Children’s Centre. Teaching was based on principles of peace, non-violence, non-racism and care of the earth. Over the ten years of the Centre’s existence, children of all races and of different cultural, religious and economic backgrounds were taught, through story-telling, poetry, art, pottery, music, song and drama to care about each other and to cherish the natural world.

Sing, Africa! is a collection of some of the magical material used to inspire children towards friendship and care of the earth.

Elephants, lions, dinosaurs and other wonderful creatures romp, glide and swim through this English and Xhosa collection.

Suitable for children aged 3-7 and as a teacher’s resource book.

  • Selected for inclusion in Bookchat’s list of Southern African Children’s Books of the Year, 1990




ISBN 978-0-620-64440-2
136 pages
With colour spreads and black and white line drawings.
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“A delightfully warm and loving collection … an excellent resource with a significant focus on our ecology.”
~ Language Projects' Review
“A magical anthology which will stimulate in children a joyful awareness of the world around them and a love of the earth and Africa.”
~ Environmental Education Bulletin
“A wonderful collection.”
~ Anne Irwin, Centre for Social Development, Rhodes University
“This is a book with heart.”
~ Weekly Mail
“Joyous and cheerful … delightful … with a strong emphasis on ecology.”
~ Jay Heale, Bookchat
“Oh what a lovely book! Altogether a wonderful, indigenous collection. This is what our children should be singing and dancing and chanting to.”
~ SAAECE Smalltalk

Key Review Words:

Magical. Delightful. Joyful.