The Patricia Schonstein Poetry in McGregor Award

Poetry in McGregor is an annual festival held in the village of McGregor. This is nestled between the Riviersonderend and Langeberg mountains of the Western Cape.

It is the only festival in South Africa devoted solely to poetry and each one is celebrated by a dedicated anthology.

It is with pleasure that I give my name to this Award. It is granted for a poem published in each Festival’s dedicated Anthology. The Acclaim is granted to a poet for lifetime achievement or for their service in enhancing this important genre.




WinnerPresented to Nondwe Mpuma for her poem Home.

AcclaimPresented posthumously to Adam Small (1936-2016) for his defence and promotion of Kaaps as a valid literary medium and for his poetry.


WinnerPresented to Gaireyah Fredericks for her poem Dronk verdriet.

AcclaimPresented posthumously to Anne Schuster (1947-2017) for her contribution to poetry through generous mentorship of writers.


WinnerPresented to Margaret Clough for her poem Reconciled to the Dark.

AcclaimPresented to Hugh Hodge for his support and contribution to poetry in the Western Cape through his Off-the-Wall events.


WinnerPresented to Justin Fox for his poem Roading 1994.

AcclaimPresented to James Matthews for a lifetime achievement in poetry.


WinnerPresented to Graham Dukas for his poem An Olympian effort at the Mugg & Bean.