The Inn at Helsvlakte

The Inn at Helsvlakte Home/Blog This, my seventh novel, is a tragedy touched by farce, set within an incestuous group … Read More

Banquet at Brabazan

Banquet at Brabazan Home/Blog A novel set in Long Street, Cape Town. Banquet at Brabazan is set in the heart … Read More

The Master’s Ruse

The Master’s Ruse Home/Blog The Master’s Ruse is cast as a masterclass in the creation of fiction, and as a … Read More

A Quilt of Dreams

A Quilt of Dreams Home/Blog Set in Grahamstown, South Africa, during 1990, at the height of political unrest and in … Read More

A Time of Angels

A Time of Angels Home/Blog A novel set in Long Street, Cape Town. Primo Verona, a professional magician and soothsayer, … Read More


Skyline Home/Blog Winner: Prix du Marais 2005Winner: The Percy FitzPatrick Award 2002Second place: The Sunday Times Fiction Award 2001Long-listed: The … Read More