Thobile’s Dream
  • Selected for inclusion in Bookchat's list of Southern African Children's Books of the Year, 1991

This is the enchanting story of a young man called Thobile who lives a very ordinary life in London. Through his dreams he realises that he needs an adventure and that the animals of his ancestral home are calling him back to Africa.

Suitable for children aged 3 – 5 (Read-to-me) 6- 8 (Read-alone)

Review comments:
"An enchanting story"
- Living & Loving
"A beautiful story!"
- Anne Irwin, Centre for Social Development, Rhodes University
"A well-crafted text, arousing imaginative interest on a fantasy level."
- Dian Stewart, Weekly Mail

Paperback:ISBN 0 620 14772 5
Colour illustrations by Lynn Stonestreet