Maggie Mango and Scottie -
An adventure in Africa
  • "Book of the Month, June 2014" Bookchat

Maggie, the Victorian doll, is tired of sitting all day in the toyshop window.
When the shopkeeper isn't looking, she creeps out with her friends, Mango and Scottie.

They catch a taxi into deepest Africa, where they have an adventure.

'Earth Notes' at the end of the story give short descriptions of the animals, birds and insects that Maggie and her friends encounter on their adventure.

Suitable for children aged 3 – 5 (Read-to-me) 6- 8 (Read-alone)

Review comments:
"A bright, happy picture book!"
– Jay Heale, Bookchat
"A luscious, most pleasurable, vibrant picture book with super bright pictures and nature notes at the back"
Children's Book Network [ link to review ]
"This is gorgeous story book, written in simple and accessible language, with beautiful illustrations. "
– Beth Silbert, Shine Literacy, Cape Town [ link to review ]

Paperback:ISBN 978-1-874915-21-8
African Sun Press
Colour illustrations by Leigh Banks