Africa Ablaze!
Poems and prose pieces of war and civil conflict

The poems and prose pieces in this definitive and compelling collection illustrate the enduring narrative of war and civil conflict in Africa.

Military strategists, commanding officers, warriors, conscripted youngsters and seasoned combatants are brought together from myriad and diverse battle landscapes to give voice to the horror and pathos of war. Around them, in a haunting chorus, are heard the laments of war-widows, survivors and those who bury the dead or gather up bones.

These are arguably the most important anthologies of poetry to ever come out of South Africa.

- John Cole-Morgan -

These voices remove the presumed glamour from war, exposing instead its carnage, the subsequent wasteland it gives rise to and the dirge of mourners trailing in its aftermath.

Review comments:
"These are arguably the most important anthologies of poetry to ever come out of South Africa."
– John Cole-Morgan. [ link to review ]
"Africa Ablaze! is an ambitious work. Nothing published to date matches this collection for its scope and commitment to arranging a choir of competing voices. Schonstein's work is to be commended. Her notable eye for detail and constant, panopticon gaze is impressive."
– Mike Hagemann. Writing Three Sixty – Journal of Research & Creative Writing. University of the Western Cape, 2015 Volume 1, Issue 2
"Africa, Ablaze! is an incredibly important poetry anthology. It is a powerful work of art and history, and is very moving"
– John Cole-Morgan., April 2015 [ link to review ]
"A greatly admirable collection of wide-ranging, hard-hitting writing."
– Jay Heale. Bookchat

English PaperbackISBN 978-1-874915-19-51
430 pages.
Published by African Sun Press